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Sometimes we'd work on the same question for weeks, and sometimes Felix would start on a topic, and just lecture us about it, and that could go on for weeks sometimes, too. It was really really free form. He could be really annoying too, though. Like, he didn't always answer questions in English. And sometimes part of his lecture wouldn't be in English. Oh, sometimes it was French, sometimes it was German, sometimes it was Latin, or Spanish, or Oh, I don't know. Anyhow it wasn't so bad when it was German, because I could understand it OK.

And when it was Latin or French, Sarah -- she was in the class -- would translate for the rest of us -- Felix was really cool with that. It was really rough on the days when Felix decided to speak Sanskrit, though. And when And he'd always tell us what he was speaking, except -- well -- sometimes there was this language he spoke, he never told us what it was, and we had a really terrible time following him those days. It sounded like Anyhow he really did make us work really hard in that class.

Felix Resilleserre. Poster of the Cat's Eye nebula found on the wall of Felix's office:.

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Lovecraft There is in certain ancient things a trace Of some dim essence - more than form or weight; A tenuous aether, indeterminate, Yet linked with all the laws of time and space. Kosti station:.


Several characters:. Satellite photo of Wigh from Google Maps :. The Footprints of the Cat by Johann Schnarchhund Well, folks, our Felix has done it again, this time better than ever! After terrorizing half of Africa he vanished out from under the noses of the best cops on three continents.

Felix Dennis - Press

And the best part is, nobody has a clue where he went -- not the Dean, not the Academic Council, not the FBI -- and certainly not Interpol! But what about Felix's students? Do they have a clue? I wondered. So, I asked them. Our Felix has been teaching one course every semester for the last But Felix never taught just any course -- he taught just what he wanted to teach.

Why do some profs have all the luck? And what Felix wanted to teach was something he called "Topics in Anthropology". For this, he was paid But I'm getting catty here. Really, Felix did some good stuff in that class -- or, rather, that seminar ; that's what it's called in the course catalog. On days when the discussion really got going, they'd all retire to a seminar room after lunch and keep at it until somebody had to go to another class, or until they had to break for dinner. In fact I heard they sent out for pizza and just kept going until the next morning a few times -- believe that if you like!

So what were these classes really like?

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I talked to Fred Frohtete, who took Felix's seminar last year. Here, in his own words, is a description of the class: The Prof would sit at one end of the table, and we'd, like, sit around the table, like, y'know, Jesus at Supper, and Felix -- we all called him Felix to him, but, y'know, he was 'the Prof' when we talked about him -- he'd like fire these questions at us, and we'd like try to answer them, with, y'know, answers that might be OK, not just dumb stuff. Sounds great, doesn't it? Sort of like basket weaving with lunch served. Was there really any content to these classes at all? I got a different opinion from Sally Jones, who took the course first semester of this year: You want to know if Felix's class was really easy?

So, folks, Felix was conducting classes that were stranger than any of the rest of us on the faculty realized.

I guess we should pay more attention to our colleagues! But we're still not any closer to knowing where he went. When I asked a couple of his students where they thought he went, they just said they didn't know. But maybe, if we knew what Felix taught in this class, we could make a guess. I, for one, would really love to know! But even when a woman tries to make her intentions as clear as they possibly can, some guys just don't know how to take a hint, no matter how obvious that hinting might be.

Check out these funny stories of missed and mixed signals to see what we mean. The texts contain some of the funniest examples of women trying - and failing - to seduce oblivious members of the opposite sex. Have you also tried going after someone but they were oblivious to your intentions?

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Or maybe you have just realized how blind you were and couldn't spot someone's delicate hints in trying to seduce you? If so, share your stories below and don't forget to upvote your favorite ones! In high school I walked into a classroom and a very attractive girl that was an acquaintance at most came up to me and said "djw, did you know that Rodrigo and I broke up?

Then I spent the rest of the day and night thinking about that. Why the hell would SHE tell me that? Why they hell would she tell ME that? Why was she smiling when she told me that? The next time I saw her, I asked her what she was doing that weekend and she said, "nothing, do you want to go to a movie?

And I wound up getting a date out of it.

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  4. And eventually, a family. I was living with my then-boyfriend a few years ago. Feeling a little flirtatious, I suggested we could take a shower together, you know, to save water, wink wink.

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    His response? We don't pay for water. Girl kisses me in the dark in her bedroom at her birthday party. I nod and leave. Can I say one I was oblivious to? I was out of town, chatting to a girl at a bar. We figured out I was 13 inches taller than her. She said, "That's funny, I'm going on a date with a guy who is 13 inches taller than me tomorrow. Early interaction with my boyfriend- Me: "That suit looks great on you.

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    It would look better on the floor. Truffleshuffled Report. Jetstream-Sam Report. Watching TV in my living room at roughly 2am, in the dark Her: applying strawberry lip gloss. Me: why are you putting on lip gloss? Her: strawberry lip gloss tastes so nice. Me: haha youre weird Her: want to taste? Me: nah I already know what it tastes like Commence several years of late night self loathing and regret.

    LordCande Report. Via text Girl: Are you going to that party? Me: Yeah for a little bit. Probably gonna be boring. Girl: Yeah Me: Probably a good plan. Girl: So yeah I'll just be here tonight. Roommates are gone.