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By the 9th century, Uighurs dominated money lending, Sogdians ran the popular imported wine shops, and Turks were involved in the trade of many goods and Buddhist relics. As with all empires, the expansion of the Byzantine empire broadened the groups of people participating in commerce. This began in the previous time period when Justinian temporarily conquered parts of northern Africa and Italy from the Vandals.

Although these conquests were temporary, Byzantine trade connected Constantinople with commercial cities such as Alexandria and Tripoli as well as the islands of Crete and Sicily. When the Italian city-states emerged, they depended on imports of grain and textiles coming in from the Byzantine Empire. Another group of people pulled into the orbit of Byzantine trade was the state of Kievan Rus , or Russia.

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Having dissolved tribal loyalties and forged an unstoppable nomadic cavalry on the Central Asia steppes, Genghis Khan went on to conquer the largest land empire in history. The duration of the Mongol Empire was short compared to others, but never before or since has a single empire controlled the Eurasian land mass from China to Eastern Europe. When the conquests were done the entire length of the Silk Roads was in their domain and the Mongols settled down and enjoyed the benefits of trade.

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In an era known as the Pax Mongolica , or Peace of the Mongols, trade flourished under the protection of a flexible legal system and diplomatic protocols. They punished thieves and pirates. To extend commercial connections to Western European markets, the Mongols encouraged the building of port cities such as Kaffa on the Black Sea.

They pushed trade outside of their empire by forcing Chinese to emigrate to South East Asia and form merchant communities in the trading ports there. In Cambodia , Vietnam , the Malay peninsula and Java , Chinese diaspora communities connected Mongol trade routes to foreign trading ports of the Indian Ocean network. The Islamic Caliphates. Unlike some other belief systems, Islam has been pro-trade from the beginning Mohammed was a merchant and trade accounted in part for the rapid spread of the faith.

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Merchants traveled farther than armies and took their religion to remote areas of Eurasia. As new areas were incorporated into the Dar al Islam , its protective legal system and positive acceptance of merchants created welcome haven of exchange. Banks and credit emerged. Crops such as rice, wheat, eggplant and citrus were transplanted across Islamic civilization thus creating year-round cultivation in some areas.

Seeking furs from northern Europe, Muslim merchants traveled to Russia and Scandinavia with silk and metal wares.


The nature of the Indian Ocean trade it perfect for carrying bulk items such as spices, and Islam diffused to the Africa's Swahili Coast. In South East Asia, the port city of Malacca became an Islamic Sultanate around the year and remained so until the Portuguese showed up in The Polynesian Triangle. Abu-Lughod , p. Facts On File, Inc. Joel Mokyr, p. Smith, p. Bernstein, p. Mitchell Innes , L. Randall Wray, p. Fairbank, Merle Goldman , pp. Miskimin, , pp. Collins, James. M Burns, p. Bulliet, p. Keddie, Rudi Matthee, p. Lapidus, p. Ezzati, , Ira M. Ember, Ian Skoggard, p.

Hall ed. Category : Pages with script errors. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. The aroma of meat and bread filled his nose and he put the fork aside.

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His head low to the tray, he shoveled the vegetables into his mouth with the spoon. A juicy, plump chicken breast nestled next to the vegetables. He tore the meat from the bone with his fingers, licking the buttery drippings from the tips as he devoured it. When the spoon no longer scooped vegetables, he used his bread to wipe up any remaining morsels on the plate. The captors brought two more plates and he finished those before he was finally full. Stephen sensed someone enter the room as the man left with the last tray.

The pass of his hand over his hair told him somebody had washed it. No dried blood was caked anywhere. He sniffed his forearms. They smelled of soap and had also been cleaned.

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He had no need of a bath. The woman offered something other than a wash. He smiled with knowledge. The bawd traveled with minstrels. A tune different from any he ever heard came from across the room.

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  5. Her light footfalls told him she left. Classical station? A man told him to make a fist.

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    That was the last he remembered. Stephen yawned and propped himself up on an elbow. The water tasted sweet to his parched mouth and he sucked the cup dry. Three days had passed since the battle. Why had they let him live? There could be no good reason for it. Do you remember me speaking to you two days ago about your eye surgery? Monette is here too. We want to talk to you about the day they found you. The more we know about you, the more we can help. This one carried no scent of any flower. Nor did she sound young as the bawd. The first, he suspected, had created the potion that put him to sleep.

    He rode to the aid of his friend. I saw your men surround the baron. They were trying to pull him from his mount. I was about to ride to his aid when one of your knights, his heraldic symbol was of a panther on a field of orange, challenged me. If this answer is an attempt at humor, then it is a poor time to engage in such a jest.