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The Ultimate Camping Packing List

Or maybe that would be taking it all too literally. Because, as Sontag notes, camp is a sensibility.

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But also, the less knowing it is the better. Will Katy Perry arrive in John Waters drag? Heck if I know. To go as big as you can. Because, in the end, pure camp is failed seriousness. The best way to get it right is to get it wrong. Looking for more? Sign up for our daily newsletter and never miss a story. By Josh Duboff. By Laura Bradley.

The Best Camp Clothing for all 3 Sessions - Cool Camp Gears

It should go without saying that if you are camping in winter then lightweight trainers are not the answer. Instead, you should wear the most robust boots possible, ensuring that the grip they provide underfoot is adequate. If you expect to be walking in snowy or icy conditions, then you should consider traction cleats which can be fitted over your boots to provide additional grip. These should be made from the same material types as your inner layer which means synthetic or wool.

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As most body heat is lost through your head, it makes sense to cover your head with something that will keep as much heat in as possible. A fleece or woolen hat is ideal for this, especially if either of them has flaps which can cover your ears to keep them warm too.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the weather in some areas of the US is the large differences between daytime temperatures and nighttime temperatures. Examples are the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles where swings of up to 50 degrees have been recorded in a single day. While these swings tend to happen less at the height of the summer, at other times, such as spring, you need to be aware of them so that you are not suddenly caught in a scenario where the clothing you are wearing cannot keep you sufficiently warm at night. A proper assessment of the likely temperature ranges should always be done before any camping trip so that you are not caught unaware.

Additionally, make sure that you have the proper tent for the season.

Camping and camp outfits. A manual of instruction for young and old sportsmen

Before we discuss your daytime clothes, and for the reasons we have just mentioned, you should always take clothes with you which are deemed as your nighttime clothes for camping. These should be long-sleeved and have the ability to keep you warm if temperature drops. Full body underwear, along with a long-sleeved woolen or synthetic sweater are all ideal for this.

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Sweatpants or joggers are also suitable to help keep your legs warm at night. Obviously, if the temperature does not fall, then you remove layers to the point where you are comfortable. Keep in mind, a comfortable sleeping pad also provides warmth in addition to your sleeping bag. No matter how tempting it might be to wear shorts when hiking and camping, you should avoid doing so. Bare legs are prone to all sorts of undesirables such as poison oak, scratches from thorny bushes, sunburn and mosquito bites.

Wearing a lightweight pair of long pants will still keep your legs cool in hot weather and protect them at the same time. As these are the garments that are going to be the closest to your body, it is important they help your skin to breath. As with our point about your legs being exposed, the same applies to your arms. While a T-shirt might seem ideal for hot weather, it still leaves your arms vulnerable to the same risks. A lightweight top, with long sleeves, will keep you cool but will also protect your arms.

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  8. There are many tops made from modern materials that are specifically designed to help keep you cool. While there may be less chance of slipping in snow and ice in spring and summer, you still want to ensure that your footwear has sufficient grip whenever you are walking.

    Not all terrain will be flat, so if necessary, wear proper hiking boots, or at least footwear that not only has proper grip, but which support your foot and ankle too. Just as wearing something on your head is vital in winter, the same is true in summer, albeit for a different reason.