Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering

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Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering

Klicken Sie auf 2. Alle Produkte. Manijeh Razeghi is a Walter P. She joined the ECE department in She has authored papers, given more than invited and plenary talks, written 12 book chapters, 8 books, and holds 50 patents. I believe that this is the result of it being refined as the support for the Solid State Engineering lecture course at Northwestern University over many generations of students.

I can highly recommend the text to anyone seeking to develop a solid foundation in this field.

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Comprehensive text from beginner to expert From Amazon "Principles of Solid State Engineering, 3rd Edition" is unique in its comprehensive overview of the field of semiconductor device physics. Because the textbook covers more material than comparable texts, it is able to encompass a complete overview of the field from an introductory level to the state of the art.

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In the opening sections, it serves as a useful undergraduate classroom text for a first exposure to the field starting with an intuitive explaination of Schroedinger's equation, crystallography, etc. As such it is an important research reference for anyone intending to work in the field. A great classroom texbook From Amazon Solid State engineering, as a discipline, is built from a variety of parts.

Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering - Manijeh Razeghi - Bok () | Bokus

The basic theoretical background necessary often drew from many different textbooks, which was cumbersome. Those textbooks that did touch on multiple areas did not do so in enough detail, and were not suitable for both underegraduate and graduate students. Like any good textbook, this book went through a series of upgrades. The initial bad reviews posted on this site were clearly oriented toward the earliest edition, and were certainly not posted by teachers or experts in the field.

A prospective user of this book should, in general, keep in mind that the new 3rd edition of the book has been revised and is now being reviewed by experts in the field, especially highly regarded teachers that have used this, and earlier, edition s in their classes. The current 3rd edition of this book is a solid textbook and I highly recommend it to educators and as a desk reference for Solid State professionals. Great solid state engineering book From Amazon The new the third edition of the book gives a high-quality and ordered overview of solid state engineering. The book starts from the building blocks of solid state and quantum mechanics getting to real novel devices and methods.

The coherent and arranged approach covering most of the subjects needed for an experimentalist starting student, gives the right tools in order to begin and work with the basic understanding of the huge field of solid state. As the book brings us to the front line in many relevant fundamental solid state subjects, it does not replace basic theory books but rather gives an excellent review for undergraduates and graduate students in the field of solid-state physics and semiconductors.

The book is therefore highly recommended for starters who want to cover the field of solid state engineering starting from the basic principles getting to the head front of solid state science, or to people who are already well familiar with field and need a simple and fast refreshment of memory.

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Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering

Using them to nurture well-being should be seen as an investment not a cost, says Derek Clements-Croome. Skip to main content. Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering. December 3, Share on twitter Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp Share on mail. Would you recommend it?

Fundamentals of solid-state materials

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