Glide: The Prophets Revenge (Glide Trilogy Book 1)

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Where do I belong? Four distinct voices from Germany and Switzerland explore these questions in their work, all bestsellers in Europe. Come discover these new voices in translation, one of the most exciting areas in literature today. But what are the windows of possibility opened up by a child-free life? What other kinds of nurturing can happen in its place? The longing for family—for a core sense of love and belonging—drives the novels written by these highly empathetic writers.

Lydia Fitzpatrick tells a spellbinding story of the fierce bond between two young brothers determined to find a way back to each other across continents.

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Rachel Howard tackles not only kinship but what can destroy it; a forty-something couple become foster parents to a girl so difficult that they have to decide whether to give her up. Come hear how these writers create such deep emotional experiences on the page. He was the longtime collaborator with Frank Capra and the Academy Award-winning screenwriter who wrote ornery, resilient women. It happened one night, we could say: They fell in love and embarked upon a marriage that was truly fairytale until it ended tragically. The imagination is our escape hatch, our resistance weapon, and a window to warn us where our choices can lead.

In this spectacular collection of speculative fiction, writers set their sights on the road ahead, with stories that challenge American mythology, release us from chokeholds of history, and give us new futures to believe in. Blending the dystopian and the utopian, the commonplace and the strange, these tales are badass: pulsing with energy and imagination, vivid with struggle and resilience. Author of over thirty books, co-founder of City Lights Books and City Lights Publishers, he shaped 20th century literature and continues to influence countless poets and writers.

These are recipes that take a journey from India by way of the American South to California. Founded by the late June Jordan in , Poetry For The People P4P is an arts and activism program that bridges the gap between the university and the larger community.


Beyond clicks and checklists is an entire universe of deep listening and thoughtful observation. If we let them, natural spaces and creatures can show us how to slow down, to notice, and to reflect on modern life. These writer-artists and bird lovers explore the wonders that acts of attention can bring. In her third book, journalist Julia Flynn Siler shows that women have always fought for each other, even a century before MeToo. Grounded in historical research, the book is an exhilarating tale of raids, bomb threats, and the San Francisco fire.

Few writers have captured the spirit of the American South—its heart, its small-town intimacy, its scars from centuries of institutional racism—like Tayari Jones. In her novels, Jones takes these scars, including traumas around wrongful incarceration, and rubs them raw, creating masterful works of fiction with the power to transform a reader.

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Ullmann is interviewed by writer and editor Vendela Vida. Look around. How much of our infrastructure—from roads and bridges to factories and food supplies—was built on the backs of American slaves? Three writers celebrate the life-saving power of words. Bialosky also is an Executive Editor at W. Norton and has edited some of the leading writers of our time. FREE — Experience indigenous legends the way they were passed down—through oral tradition. Word for Word Performing Arts Company is an ensemble whose mission is to tell great stories with elegant theatricality, staging performances of classic and contemporary fiction.

How does a creature as lowly as Rattlesnake win the beautiful Hummingbird? What key does Rattlesnake possess? Come find out. Performance is 45 minutes, followed by discussion.

Glide : the prophet's revenge : the glide trilogy, book one, volume 1

Few successful mystery authors are also prominent human rights advocates, notes a recent profile of Eliot Pattison in Publishers Weekly. Art of Freedom Award a few years and books later. Come meet this highly unusual mystery master.

source url From a disastrous explosion in rural Virginia, to the unexplained disappearance of a sister in Alaska, to an assassination attempt on a special agent turned mother, these stories depict fractured families who are finding their way through crisis. What do you do when your world is suddenly turned upside down? Growing up is hard enough, but these teen protagonists must cope with loss and navigate violence completely out of their control. The three writers will discuss how they write about teenage trauma and resilience, and why these tough-to-write stories are so valuable to readers who need to find hope within their pages.

For the sake of love, people stretch far beyond their usual boundaries—and sometimes snap. Seven women meet in a white void immediately after death…. Voices mingle in a shadowy forest, talking of borders, illegal crossings, and the market value of human beings. Take a liminal literary journey with three writers, who will describe how they created such brave, rule-breaking works of the imagination. Winners of the Finlandia Prize, the Goldsmiths Prize, and the Swiss Literature Award respectively, these international voices are taking the literary world by storm.

What kind of universes do we build for our characters to live in? What decides the agency, authority, and control they claim or lack? How far will a mother go for her child?

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These three authors explore the voracious worry, stubborn hope, and deep love of 21st century motherhood. Join Beattie in conversation with her friend Carol Edgarian, author, publisher, and co-founder of Narrative, which publishes more than three hundred writers and artists annually and advances literature in the digital age.

Three award-winning Canadian writers converge on one stage to recount their adventures in literary risk-taking and rule-breaking. Join these authors for a look at the leaps they took and the rewards they reaped. Hurricane Maria has permanently altered the Caribbean. While journalists did initial reporting on the disaster, the first books to be published about the hurricane are popular fiction.

Join these two Puerto Rican writers to discuss the challenges of writing about disaster and why popular fiction has the power to bring the pueblo together around urgent issues.

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Come hear three rising literary stars! Global politics affect young people as much as anyone else, but they have little to no voice as major decisions are made. Join us for a discussion featuring noted journalist, filmmaker, author, and immigration rights activist Jose Antonio Vargas with youth delegates from the International Congress of Youth Voices.

Youth in the audience are encouraged to jump in! While his story has been profiled by many publications, today we have an opportunity to hear from him directly. Look at me and see how the strength and determination of the human spirit defies all evil. His extraordinary body of work reminds us that journalism, at its best, is about pursuing the truth at all costs. Filmmakers Brogan de Paor and Julie Thompson will introduce the film. For any inquries please visit our Contact page. Over the weekend of May 2nd and 3rd, , the Sixth Bay Area Book Festival will fill downtown Berkeley with a literary extravaganza that offers pleasure to anyone who has ever loved a book.

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    In celebration of "Essential Essays," a new collection of Rich's work edited by poet-scholar Sandra Gilbert, join a panel of trailblazing writers and thinkers—Rich's friends, colleagues, literary and scholarly descendents, and longtime editor—as they pay homage to Rich's legacy and consider her ideas today. Hotel Shattuck Plaza Roger McNamee interviewed by Elizabeth Dwoskin Get Tickets In your pocket, palm or purse, pinging with alerts, lurks a threat to the very integrity of your person and the functioning of democracy around the world. I'm losing you," sang John Lennon. Innosanto Nagara's "A is for Activist" books teach kids the art of resistance.

    Rethinking Belonging at the Frontier of Genetic Engineering New biomedical technologies—from prenatal testing to gene-editing techniques—raise questions about who counts as human, what it means to belong, and how far we should go in retooling the human genome.

    Hear our editors on their latest listening obsessions – and find yours.

    Magnes Museum George Estreich and Jamie Metzl, moderated by Lance Knobel Get Tickets New biomedical technologies—from prenatal testing to gene-editing techniques—raise questions about who counts as human, what it means to belong, and how far we should go in retooling the human genome. She is joined by two Brown relatives, powerful political players in their own right: Kathleen Kelly, Brown's niece and a San Francisco Superior Court Judge who has focused much of her career on juvenile justice, and Joseph Kelly, former city commissioner in San Francisco and campaign strategist.

    They'll discuss the legacy and ongoing contributions of a family that has helped shape California for four generations.