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Web: Hooper records in the Genealogy Bank. Hooper family in Old Colony Ancestors. Web: Free Hooper results at FamilySearch. Web: Hooper family tree results from MyHeritage.

Web: America's Obituaries - Current. Web: Free citation lookup at Obituary Depot.

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Funeral Cards with Online Images. American Revolutionary War Records Navy Pension Fund Records American Civil War Records Medal of Honor Recipients - Hooper. List of Pearl Harbor Casualties - Hooper. Web: Countries of Origin for the Hooper last name. Web: The Wikipedia Hooper Surname page.

Hooper Genealogy, by C. Pope and T. A biogr. Find used Hooper books on ABEbooks. Petitions for Naturalization. Web: DeadFred photos that match Hooper. Web: FamilyOldPhotos. Find Hooper photos on eBay. Searching for Monique Hooper. Searching for Margaret hooper. As a life long resident of Bergen County, I had an advantage that many other researchers might envy. For the past ten years I have been working on a new Hopper Genealogy. I hope to publish the first 6 generations which lists the seventh generation and their spouses in the coming year. A second volume containing the seventh generation is nearing completion, and should be ready for publication in the near future.

Here are a few sample pages from the book. Alice J. Hooper abt - 22 Aug Herbert E. Hooper 16 Dec Walter Arthur James A. Hooper s - s managed by Jules Charman. Lizzie P. Hooper abt - 09 Aug managed by Carlos Pinkham. Samuel Jasper Hooper abt Union Co. Josephine L. Charles F.

Bill J. Hooper s - s managed by Katie Hall. John Hooper - managed by Jonathan Rowland. John Hooper - abt John Henry Hooper managed by Jeff Thomas. John Hooper managed by John Hooper. John Hooper. Henry John Hooper managed by Wombat Allen. John Hooper - abt managed by Brian McCullough.

Robert John Hooper. John Ward Hooper. John Hooper - bef Sep managed by Roland Carter. John A.

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Hooper s - s managed by Jason Hooper. William A.

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Hooper Rapides, Louisiana, United States - John Williams Hooper abt Unlisted Hooper managed by David Costello last edited 31 May Miles A. Hooper s - s managed by Brenna Bishop. Richard Hooper - managed by Mike Edwards last edited 30 May Richard Hooper Winfrith Newburgh, Dorset. Mary E Hooper Johnson Melissa Alice Hooper 04 Jun - 14 May David G. Hooper managed by Philip Clark. David Hooper. Joseph Hooper managed by John Dunn. Sara Hooper managed by Mags Gaulden.

Elizabeth Hooper Tiverton, Devon, England. Earle Roosevelt Hooper abt - 16 May last edited 18 May Theodore Hooper abt managed by Carlos Pinkham last edited 16 May Emma T. Thomas J Hooper Sr. Robert William Hooper - Apr Liam Hooper managed by Liam Hooper. Samuel Hooper abt managed by David Thomson.


Hooper genealogy

Albion K. Keith J. Hooper s managed by Keith Hooper John P. Hooper s - s managed by Duane Hooper. Robert Lemuel Hooper - last edited 8 May Swift Hooper Jr. Sarah B. Daniel J Hooper. William Durman Hooper abt Mudgee - 18 May Hooper s - s. Elizabeth L. Katie J. Hooper Hall s managed by Katie Hall Elisha H.

Hooper Georgia - managed by John Dunn.

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  7. Obediah Hooper Jr. Isabelle Hooper - managed by Roland Carter. Robert Hooper abt Stockland Devon England. John Hooper abt Islington Middlesex England. Henry Hooper Jr. London, Middlesex, England - managed by Kenneth Centanni.

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    Alice M. Hooper s - s managed by Susan Moon. Absalom Hooper Sr. Unknown Hooper managed by Lacy Flanagan. Unknown Hooper managed by Mike Stephens. Unknown Hooper managed by Brett Starkey. Lucy Bell Hooper 18 Sep - 26 Nov Lydia E. Tom R. William H. Hooper 04 Sep - 23 Mar Unknown Hooper last edited 16 Apr Unknown Hooper. James I.