Lil Dusty Peanut Saving June Bug for April

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Chili powder gets rid of black ants. I put a line of it on my countertop backsplash to stop them from getting to the counter. When I saw the little black ants entering the back door, I put a line of chili powder across the threshold and on the floor.

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But so do the gnats. The garden is almost gone, but we have never had them this bad.

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Also, what can I use to deter field mice. Megan E. Just put a couple capfuls of bleach down your sink drains at night. No more breeding down there after you do that. Please stop recommending the use of diatomaceous earth! It may be effective in deterring pests but is also harmful to beneficial insects and earthworms. It is like using ground glass. If you sweep it up and throw it away it will still end up in the ground somewhere.

If you sprinkle it in your house or around your doors it will get tracked to where the beneficial critters are. Spiders eat other pests, especially flies. They are welcome in my home. Also, I once had a roommate who had a tarantula, she was named Gwynevere.

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I do use diatomaceous earth around entrances to keep insects out, including the ants that thought dry cat food was good enough for them. They did not come back. Any ideas on getting rid of boxelder bugs and ladybugs? We use the plug in devices that flash a red light every few seconds. One unit in each room and two in the indoor pool room.

Just gonna move to Antarctica, oh wait polar bears, and Pauline. Nevermind if it was only polar bears why maybe. Hi Becky, you are correct. We actually posted this as a tip a few weeks back. About growing mint. However, keeping it potted as opposed to growing it dierctly in the ground will prevent spreading. I read in Handman about Wet and Forget for spiders.

Had a huge problem in my detached garage, I mean huge.. My kind brother in law cleaned the webs and sprayed for me this summer. No webs to date. You can order online or Lowes and Ace some carry it.

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Hope you have as good luck as I have. Would you elaborate somewhat??? Also I see dry ice kills fleas but when I go to it it has nothing about dry ice, it freaking frustrating!!!. If any info please lmao. Thank you. Last spring and summer, we had a problem with water bugs and other big insects that you usually see outside at night in the South.

I finally figured out how they were getting in: through the drains! Kitchen sink, bathroom sinks and bathtubs! I saw the first one this year in March. How can I keep these horrid creatures out of our house permanently? Could a plumber go under the house and perhaps attach screen material over the drains?

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  • We recently moved and have a lot of spiders. Ortho was sprayed when we moved in. All over the outside of the house, windows, doors, and everything else. Said it was good for a year.


    Still have them getting in some how. Something that truly works is Ortho Home Defence. It all depends on how badly you want to keep spiders out.

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    I usually only spray in the spring and in the fall when bugs start to come in. Some of the natural remedies may help somewhat but if you want something you can be sure of try the Ortho and spray generously. On my last post the last sentence was supposed to say the candy is also cheap not ten candy is also cheap. I use peppermint candy. I have been using this for years, I put the candy in our building, garage and the house. I put some in every room and in the garage and our building. They do not attract ants or any other insect. There are three small problems, one is they will melt, so put them on something.

    The last I have to replace them ever so often. I tried the oil with no luck.

    Lil Dusty Peanut. "Saving June Bug for April"

    Lil Dusty Peanut. Dave Akins. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis Lil Dusty Peanut "Saving June Bug for April" is an endearing children's picture book about a Yorkie that helps to locate a missing service dog , for the little girl that needs him.

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