Making the Blind Man Lame: What Jesus Wouldnt Do

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Now in v.

So by saying "And he could do no mighty work there" This is not to suggest that His power was somehow diminished. It may suggest that because of their unbelief people were not coming to Him for healing or miracles the way they did in Capernaum and Jerusalem. So the bottom point is that the residents of Nazareth knew Him as a carpenter and they knew His family, and would not receive Him as a teacher or prophet. The perhaps means not unless there is an atmosphere of faith, God do not do miracles.

Its not necessary the faith of the person who needs healing but the faith in the environment at the time at that place. Another site cleared all of this up and it makes perfect sense now. If you don't believe in someones ability to perform miracles, would you go to them asking for a miracle? You'd say "yeah okay sure buddy" and not bother wasting your time.

These people did not believe in him, so they did not ask him for a miracle. Which is why he did not perform them.

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And the proof is also in the fact it states "except for a few sick people he healed". Only a few sick people came to him out of desperation and he healed them. The rest of the people there didn't come to him for anything so he didn't do anything for them. It calls to attention things that I would not otherwise stop and think about. To me God is a perfect Gentleman, He can do any kind of miracle, anytime He wants, but he respects the recipients most of the time.

If they do not believe, He lets them be out of respect, as is their right. It just happens that the Pharisees invented a requirement to prove Messiahship that involved the giving of sight to a person born blind. God never said that was a requirement to prove the healer was the Messiah, the Pharisees so did maybe by the way they interpreted some part of Scripture maybe Isaiah.

What is incredible, is that Jesus did the miracle, to prove to them that He indeed was the Messiah, and they still did not recognized Him as such. With respect to the time when Jesus drove demons out and sent them to the pigs, and the people there asked Him to leave, just as when the guard with the ear cut , maybe it was not that they did not have faith, maybe they did, but the economic interests, prevailed over the spiritual ones. In the case of the people where the pigs drowned, maybe they did not want Jesus to send demons to any more animals as they would lose money, In that sense maybe they were a bit like the Pharisees, valued more the money in the temple, than the Temple that made holy the money, a dire mistake according to Jesus.

In the case of the guy to get Jesus to jail, maybe he was getting payed to do a job, as a modern secular person would say: it is not personal, just business. Once again letting the material get in the way of the spiritual. Lastly Ms.

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  5. Marie said another site cleared up all of this, my question is: do you remember the link? Jesus started his ministry by making known that he saw Nathaniel, healing and turning water into wine. Yet, the testimony and words spoken of God at the Jordan River, Lazarrus grave site and on the mount transfiguration hold to great testamony. Thank you for Faithlife blog. It is eye open to me and affirmation that God have his purpose to do the miracle or not. As we are so call believer.

    Are we believe that God could do miracle in our present day. Mark Whenever it seizes him, it throws him down, and he foams at the mouth, grinds his teeth, and becomes rigid.

    2. A “sign from heaven”

    I asked your disciples to cast it out, but22 they were not able to do so. How much longer27 must I be with you? How much longer must I endure28 you? You will descend to Hades; for if the miracles had occurred in Sodom which occurred in you, it would have remained to this day. I am so bless that God does miracle in my family and people around me.

    My son, second child, was born with blood clot in his brain. Many specialist consultant recommended surgery. So My husband and I decided that we to have it done at the age under two. I remember very well that morning before took him to hospital. My husband and I pray together.

    What Does the Bible Say About Miracles?

    However, I fell so alone and cry out to our Lord. At the hospital, while my son had head sca, I fell the pain of my son and the thought how he going to live as a boy with open skull. Suddenly, Dr.

    Of Course! Jesus Heals A Man Born Blind!

    I fell died. The Dr. Said congratulation. My third child,was born deaf. When we checked out hospital, the nurse fave us paper to sign that my Daughter is deaf.


    She said that she had been tested three time a day. And she just tested before filling the paper. My husband worry about the hospital bill because if we stay pass the hr.

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    Thank God, she willing to test again then came back with the paper work said normal hearing. On August, 19,, God heal me miraculous after walked away from my surgeon that suppose to surgery on my ovaries cyst. God lifted up that pain from me.

    A Lame Man Made Well

    I feel it that moment while I shared to my husband about how God ministry me about the lady at the well and God was full for he did the will Heavenly Father. So I pray with my husband that I shall be full like him. Suddenly, I fell relieved the pain them gone completely. This year, my oldest daughter, have edema eczema. She wanted me to take to Dr. But I keeped prayer with people for her.

    But one day, I fell so pitiful for her with the skin all bloody and dark. I ask her to come to my room and ask her to pray. I told her before she mention it about my story that she is the promises Child that when God comfort while I was scare escape, at the age of twelve years old, my country without my parents,with my sister and a guide man. I asked my daughter to confess to God silently.

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    Then I pray lay hand on her. But she was still itchy from her head to her feet. I asked not leave my room then I put the oil on her forehead then I put my hand on her stomach and cry and just talk to God. I saw her stop itched. Then, we observed for complete healed after three days her skins all nice and beautiful no dark spot or scare.

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    Thank god that he is god our Dr. I know this was written back and not sure if you still back from readers. I want to share with you that my husband has develop tremors. First diagnosis was Essential Tremors, but now the Dr. I have told my husband not to believe this and that God would protect him from this horrible disease as he is so young. I have been praying along with many others that the doctor would see that God is the Doctor.