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Despite all the money and success, Nesmith far right claims he wanted out of the band. Nesmith at left pictured with Tom Smothers at the Emmys admits that he did not view himself as a Beverly Hills hillbilly, but recognized he was uneducated and naive. The show won two Emmy Awards in and had a long afterlife through Saturday morning repeats, in syndication and then in overseas broadcasts. Nesmith had never seen so much money in his life but he still wanted out. He became motorcycle-riding buddies with actor Peter Fonda after meeting at a musical gathering in Topanga Canyon and Peter introduced him to Jack Nicholson.

With the Monkees TV show ending, Bert and Bob were ready to move into movie making beginning with the Monkees movie, Head, and then on to the hugely successful film, Easy Rider. The Monkees in a scene from their movie, Head. Nicholson helped out on the Monkees movie and after it was wrapped.

Jack helped out on the Monkees movie and after it was wrapped, the three guys cooled on Nesmith, and Jack told him not to drop in anymore without calling first. In the eighties, Nesmith asked Bob if he would direct a music video he was producing for Lionel Ritchie. Bob agreed but during the shoot coldly informed Nesmith that he had no chance as an actor or in the movie business. In the eighties, Nesmith was briefly hanging with psychologist and LSD advocate, Timothy Leary and discussing priorities in his personal quest, yoga, world religions, the science and order of being.

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He thought he could escape guilt by caring for Phyllis with money but his infidelity disgusted him. He describes himself as moving into a phase as a Hamburger Movie Tycoon where money became the driving motivation in his life. He knew he had to find himself spiritually and he turned to the religion of his mother who had had great success as the inventor of Liquid Paper, a correction fluid that made her very wealthy.

He sought out a leader in the Christian Science Church, studied with him and began an affair with another woman, Victoria Kennedy, who became his third wife. Nesmith set up an office and installed equipment and software and built Videoranch, a website and virtual world with chat rooms and avatars, streaming music and videos. Victoria left him after falling in love with a man she met online and Nesmith was heartbroken. It was in Carmel that Nesmith lost his sight to cataracts and an undiagnosed condition that turned him into a cripple.

He could no longer use his left hand and had to drag his right foot. He had the cataracts surgically removed and miraculously recovered from the mystery condition. He believes that he was healed through study, prayer and meditation and writes that he is finally at peace with his religion and his world. His mother, Bette Nesmith Graham, died in , leaving half her fortune to her son and half to the foundations that she had created.

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Share or comment on this article: Monkees' Michael Nesmith opens up in new memoir e-mail If the truth be known, the Monkees was like musical theater on television, like a Marx Brothers movie. In fact, it was John Lennon that first made that comparison. They were like little half-hour Marx Brothers musical movies, comedy and singing and dancing and some little adventure and some shtick.

Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork Talk Monkees Tour, 'Headquarters' and Jimi Hendrix

But also, those are really early pop songs. The Monkees was a garage band, basically. In the end, what does the TV show mean to him? It was always a struggle for success. That was the heart of the show. Always trying to get a gig, trying to get a record contract, trying to do a battle of the bands — but on the television show the Monkees were never successful.

The Monkees perform on the Rosie O'Donnell Show (1996)

Dolenz is on to something: Unlike most other music stars of the era, the Monkees seemed approachable. I feel absolutely blessed to have been a part of that. Manufactured band? Forty-five years since the TV show left the air? Revival, even, of a hit musical? You should learn to appreciate the Monkees. Been there many times, loved it. Uh, Barton Springs? But when she went out there was a dirt road, and the kids would just go out there and swim and make out. It was totally off the beaten path.

Johnson was valedictorian of her high school class at St. Johnson was only 16 when she started college in the fall of and appears to have left at 18, after finishing her sophomore year in the spring of Head Micky. Halloween Derek Allen.

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Straw Dogs Soundtrack. Micky Dolenz. Wendell the Love Grub voice. The Vicar. Metcalf - Drew and the King Show all 22 episodes. Donny Shotz. Mayor Micky Dolenz.

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Mayor Mickey Dolenz. Gordy as Mickey Dolenz. Arthur's Bank Account Arthur voice. The Proto Clown Pineapple Pokopo Brainchild Show all 13 episodes. Eli Campbell. Josh Goldsilver. Scott Warren. Show all 38 episodes. You Know.

The Monkees' Mike Nesmith & Micky Dolenz on Their New Tour, TV Legacy & the Rock Hall of Fame

Rick Schenk as Mickey Dolenz. Oiler as Mickey Dolenz. Skip Gilroy.

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Guest Performer. Show all 58 episodes. Kitch Brunner uncredited.

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Ed as Micky Braddock. Melvin as Micky Braddock. Ted Matson as Mickey Braddock.