Submission of the President’s Budget in Transition Years

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Application Files TTB. This system file contains information that enables the Web pages for an office to render and function properly. Therefore, you must not name a Web page file "application. See John T. News Feb. For example, it can be very difficult to establish that disclosure of a budget dispute falls within the exception provided under the Whistleblower Protection Act. See Chambers v. As for the Unfunded Priorities List, some Defense Secretaries have objected to or banned the practice completely.

See Bennett, supra note describing rejection of the practice by a former Defense Secretary in the Obama administration ; Megan R.

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Wilson, K St. Congressional Budgeting: Institutionalizing the Adversarial Presidency? Schick , supra note 7 , at Act of July 12, , ch. OMB Bull. Schick , supra note 7 , at describing legal limitations on transferring and reprogramming. Fisher , supra note 7 , at ; Schick , supra note 7 , at In , the D. Circuit struck down a provision in the Act that permitted one house of Congress to approve a rescission as a violation of INS v.

Chadha , U.

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City of New Haven v. United States, F.

Gaming the Congressional Budget Office

Clinton T. Brass, Cong. Post , Dec. Post Sept. OMB also tells agencies whether, when, and how much agencies can disclose of their shutdown plans. Times , Apr. See Martin, supra note 1 , at 72 listing examples of questions that program examiners will ask agencies in order to have them justify their programs ; Memorandum from Leon E.

See Hudak , supra note 7 , at For an example, see Brill, supra note , at Hudak , supra note 7 , at Riley eds. See John H. See Clinger-Cohen Act of , Pub. See E-Government Act of , Pub. Rivlin to All OMB Staff, supra note 19 , at 3 setting forth these goals ; see also Tomkin , supra note 18 , at describing this reorganization. See Brass , supra note , at 1 n. Bush PMA , supra note , at Radin , supra note 98 , at explaining that the PART process prized efficiency over equity, even for programs that were designed with equity goals ; Beryl A. Lewis, Does Performance Budgeting Work? Week Feb.

Times Dec. Tomkin , supra note 18 , at Radin, supra note , at Deese, Acting Dir. Bush PMA , supra note , at 5, 13, See supra text accompanying notes - Government, Fiscal Year , at 3, [hereinafter Office of Mgmt. See Radin, supra note , at ; Office of Mgmt. Steven G.

The Federal Budget: What are the nation's priorities? (1976) - ARCHIVES

Shane , supra note 2 , at 35; see also Kevin M. See sources cited supra notes 93 , - discussing a variety of ways statutes require independent agencies to engage with OMB in the budget process. ACUS Sourcebook , supra note 45 , at Seth D. To be sure, the pyramid structure may provide an effective counterweight only as to high-salience items that RMO staff members are likely to elevate.

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Ross, supra note , at See Adams, supra note 72 , at Kathryn A. See Tomkin , supra note 18 , at 13 noting that DADs commonly stay in their roles across several administrations while PADs turn over regularly ; Adams, supra note 72 , at 61 describing value of long-time civil servants in OMB ; Martha Joynt Kumar et al. In contrast to the senior civil servant branch chiefs and DADs, however, and more like the shorter-term political PADs, program examiners tend to stay less long in the organization, perhaps burned out by the pace and intensity of the work.

The relative inexperience of program examiners and the short-term tenure of most PADs may work against the effectiveness provided by the long-term civil servant supervisors. See Andrias, supra note , at ; cf. Schick , supra note 7 , at , describing agency budget justification materials. For an example of an agency justification, see Admin. See supra notes - and accompanying text.

On-The-Record Briefing

Most opaque are policy discussions that take place wholly within the executive branch among administrators. Strauss ed. Weidenbaum and James C. See generally John W. Kingdon, Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies 2d ed. Thomas T. The lone exception was senior civil servants, where the difference was not statistically significant.

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  • Submission of the President's Budget in Transition Years.
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See supra notes and accompanying text. Clearly, these meetings do happen at least sometimes. See Simon F. Memorandum from Eric Holder, Attorney Gen. But see Office of Mgmt. Whether agencies are actually permitted to comply with this requirement and whether the requirement is relevant at all are separate matters. Common Cause v. This case considered and rejected the possibility that the Government in the Sunshine Act, 5 U.

Common Cause , F. Modlin, Office of Mgmt. Office of the President. See 5 U. Nina A.

The President’s Budget: Overview of Structure and Timing of Submission to Congress

Rourke, Bureaucracy, Politics, and Public Policy 3d ed. David J. Jon D. They resent the fact that these often inexperienced examiners make the decisions that count. See supra note 67 and accompanying text.

The President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2017

ACUS Sourcebook , supra note 45 , at 84; see also id. ACUS Sourcebook , supra note 45 , at 31 n. Meyer v. Bush, F.

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In re Sealed Case, F. See Wolfe v. Mendelson has suggested that even the Senate-confirmed OIRA Administrator probably would not qualify under the privilege, at least for communications with an agency. Mendelson, supra note 3 , at n. Rubin, supra note , at Shane , supra note 2 , at Thomas O. Richard E.