The Seventh Dragon: The Riddle of Equal Temperament

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The seventh dragon : the riddle of equal temperament

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So something is being received. And of course for Pythagoras it was the discovery of the mathematical and physical principles of physics in music. And there was also the esoteric study in ancient Egypt, and healing. It was all one thing. The modern idea of the self-as a monad, in a way, a self-contained, separate unit is new.

My sense is that the relationship between people was different then. I heard about a man talking to a woman from one of the Northwest coast tribes. He asked her to tell him something about herself. That was who she was-not a separate entity. And music, the most communal of human activities or arts, becomes those billboards with the person with the iPod dancing to music that no one else can hear. But our music was not born into the world in the shape of a piano. Nowadays more and more pianists are aware of alternative temperaments, and are asking for them.

Modern piano technicians — many of whom have mathematical or engineering backgrounds just like their counterparts in earlier centuries — are trading temperament recipes by email and at meetings; programming them into their computerized tuners; writing about them in their magzines and newsletters; attending classes about historical tunings; listening to recordings of pianos tuned in alternative temperaments; and engaging in lively discussions and experiments.

In short, temperament is once again on the move. A growing number of contemporary composers are deliberately incorporating alternative keyboard temperaments into their work.

Just Intonation vs Equal Temperament

Each note, as the scale ascends, vibrates faster than the note below it. How much faster it vibrates is a multiple of the vibrations of the previous note. For our equally tempered scale that amount is the twelfth root of two, and cannot be expressed as a whole number or a simple fraction. Therefore, in a sense, it is inexact, and in the same sense the intervals between notes are doomed to be forever parts, never wholes, never finished, but trailing their remainders on out and out into infinity in one of those awful curves that keeps approaching a line but never reaching it.

Total purity is its standard, and while this is not possible on keyboard instruments, as we have seen, it is possible in singing and on unfretted stringed instruments, and can be squeezed out of many wind and fretted instruments with judicious use of finger and mouth. Therefore it is a system that can be realized in quite a lot of music.

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Is there now only one Great Melody that all composers take snippings from? This means she will begin in the center of the keyboard, tuning a single note of her choice usually the middle C or the A just below it , tuning it purely to match a tuning fork. Latest historical research indicates Bach did not compose in equal temperament.

Microtonal Music | Cameron Powers

In any event, it encourages me as a player to bend the music more freely and naturally, investing it with more nuances, in reaction to the sound. It makes me listen more closely to melody and counterpoint, the way the musical lines interact with one another. The performer has to work harder to make something special of the music. Why not tune instead with a subtle inequality, and let the intonation itself do part of the interpretive work? Hello Cameron I enjoyed reading about your work and your clear explanation of the true harmonic intervals in Arabic music.

I have an appreciation for this quality of pure harmony, as well through building contemporary wind harps and I have found that listening to them over the years has sort of re-tuned my hearing so that I can appreciate the more eastern musical modes. Thank you for bringing awareness to this beautiful music. Unfortunately, when the equal-tempered music scale was created for music mass-production on the keyboard, these harmonious intervals were discarded… why?

So the piano industry back in the midth century became the Monsanto of the music world and sold hundreds of thousands of pianos to an ignorant public with instructions to just tune all the notes with equally spaced intervals: so-called equal temperament…. Just like the public still buys those hard red balls in the supermarket thinking that they are tomatoes, the public is still churning out out-of-tune music from keyboards and fretted stringed instruments and we have forgotten how to listen for perfect harmony as it is no longer relevant… until we explore ancient wisdom and bring back justly intonated perfect harmony we have walled ourselves off from sacred music….

As for whether an A is tuned at or Hz… it makes no difference if we drag the whole out-of-tune equal tempered system down one third of a half-step… there are cents in an equal tempered half step… moving from to carries all the pitches 32 cents flatter… generally speaking, lower pitches are more soothing and higher pitches are more stimulating… so there is a tiny difference… but if we are looking for a way to re-claim the beauty of ancient sacred music then we must re-tune the intervals between our notes by returning to just intonation….

The Seventh Dragon : The Riddle of Equal Temperament by Anita T. Sullivan (1985, Hardcover)

An audio recording is audio, not electromagnetic radio. The two have virtually nothing to do with each other. Audio waves do not affect electromagnetic waves and vice versa. The confusion arises because the same unit of measurement, Hz, the number of cycles per second, can be used to measure both audio and electromagnetic frequencies without regard to the little detail that one electromagnetic wave at the Shumann Frequency of 7. Apples and oranges. They have nothing to do with each other.

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Lightning is constantly flashing all around the world, many times per second; and each bolt is a radio source. This means our atmosphere is continuously resonating with a radio frequency of 7. These are the Schumann resonances. The amount of resonance fluctuates as the ionosphere becomes more or less dense, which depends largely on the amount of solar radiation striking it. Thus, the peaks of radio signal strength at the Schumann resonance follow a constantly shifting, but reasonably predictable, schedule.

The overwhelming source is the sun, blasting the Earth with infrared, visible light, and ultraviolet radiation. All natural sources from outer space, and even radioactive decay of naturally occuring elements on Earth, produce wide-spectrum radio noise. Those resonating in the Schumann cavity are only a tiny, tiny part of the spectrum.

Nevertheless, because the Schumann resonance frequencies are defined by the dimensions of the Earth, many New Age proponents and alternative medicine advocates have come to regard 7. Often we find that New Age beliefs are often based more on what seems emotionally satisfying than on sound science.

follow site The most pervasive of all the popular fictions surrounding the Schumann resonance is that it is correlated with the health of the human body. There are a huge number of products and services sold to enhance health or mood, citing the Schumann resonance as the foundational science. My name is mario and i write you from Spain.