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When her family had beentorn apart by financial scandal, hed taken her in and given her a joband security. But was he now expecting her to repay him Her new home is just perfect -- and so is the sexy gardenerwho comes with it! In fact, the chemistry between them is instant, andoverwhelming When Zoe discovers that Andreas isnt just a humble gardener, butactually the wealthy son of a shipping tycoon, a series of startlingsecrets begins to unravel.

Andreass true identity changes everything:hes now strictly off-limits -- unless he can release the chains of hispast and claim Zoe as his forbidden bride Alex Fabian is a successful city banker who lives life on his ownterms. But when his family gives him an ultimatum to marry withinthree months or lose his inheritance, hes forced to find a bride. Louise Trentham is instantly wary when Alex Fabian proposes: hesformidably dynamic, gorgeous — and way out of her league!

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But thechemistry between them is irresistible. Can Louise take the plunge andsay, "I do," knowing that, for Alex, shell always be only his tokenwife? Chay vanished vowing revenge…. Adrien is shocked when, years later, the tables are turned and she finds Now rich and devastatingly handsome, hesthe only one who can save her from scandal. But he has a price: hellhelp her, but only if she becomes his mistress! Flora had been trying to convince herself she was happy with hersteady fiance, but her head hadnt stopped spinning since shed literallybumped into Marco!

The sexy tycoon wasted no time in whisking her away to his villa -- forprivacy, passion and a surprise marriage proposal. Marco was determined to marry Flora before she could discover their"accidental" meeting hadnt been quite so innocent A successful banker, Nick was confidently sexy-butruthless She knows he married her only to cover up his affair with his mistress,so how dare he expect her to play the dutiful wife? And now Michaliswants to escort her to his sisters wedding! And hes willing to resort toblackmail to do it, too.

A family fued meantRome was forced to make Cory Gran his bride and then jilt her. But hisplans were spoiled when he discovered that he genuinely liked Cory Thepassion between them was mind-blowing -- but surely it was just aholiday affair? When Cressy returned home to find her family in crisis,it seemed Draco was the only man who could help -- for a price Meeting Sam Hunter could have been the perfect match--ifonly Ros hadnt been pretending to be someone else Sam Hunter wasan investigative journalist.

Arranging a blind date was simply a professional assignment, and oncethe evening was over hed never have to see this mystery woman again! Except he wanted to! Only, shed agreed to live under Guidos roof as companion tohis wayward ward, the young woman clearly destined to becomeGuidos wife Horrified at Guidos marriage plans, Clare soon decided to leave -- andfound herself all but captive in Guidos palatial villa.

Then she realizedit was SHE whod been chosen as Bartaldis bride! Gabriel Verne had married Joanna when she was a lovestruck,inexperienced eighteen-year-old. But after a bittersweet honeymoon,he had denounced their marriage as a sham. For years they had led separate lives, but now Gabriel had returnedhome to claim his inheritance -- and his wife By the terms of his late fathers will, he and Joanna were to livetogether as man and wife for a year.

Although she still loved him, she was, willing to forgo her inheritancerather than live with a man who didnt love her. True, she didnt SEEM the type to steal another womanshusband, but there was only one way to make absolutely sure: Declanmust seduce Olivia himself! With Declans looks, sex appeal and fabulous Notting Hill home, fewwomen had been able to resist him -- but Olivia seemed determined to!

Had Declan misjudged her?

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And the more he wined and dined her, themore he wanted her -- for real! Could it beTrue? Was Kate Lassiters marriage falling apart? She still loved herhusband, Ryan, still thrilled at his touch, but how long was it sincetheyd last made love? On the surface they had it all: successful careers, a lovely home and theperfect marriage. But if Ryan had committed the ultimate betrayal,then revenged was no answer. Kate wanted her husband back and shewas prepared to fight to keep him.

Because while her marriage wasunder suspicion there was no way she could tell Ryan she wasexpecting his baby! But then she met Alan Barnard The devastatingly sexy hunk could have stepped straight out of herfantasies. Unfortunately, this perfect man had a perfect fiancee waitingin the wings. Please can I have a new nanny? Id like her to be good atstories, games and kind to teddy bears I reallywant a mummy but Daddy says she isnt coming back and hes doinghis best to get me a new one, but in the meantime I have to have ananny to look after me.

Love Tara. Only, his interest in her was asmuch practical as sexual He needed a nanny to look after his sisterschildren. Lucy found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She couldjust about cope with Marco and little Emelia-it was their uncle she wasfinding a real handful! Tall, dark and deadly sexy-Giulio was theultimate in temptations and Lucy was finding hard to resist!

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Jake Lantrell was pleasure Zannasattraction to him scared her. Jake represented everything in life she hadtried to avoid: love, emotion, sex. And so, after one reckless night of passion, Zanna had determined toforget her momentary indiscretion It wasnt so easy. Jake wantedmore than a one-night stand. He was determined to show Zanna thatthere was something missing from her life--him!

Now hes back. Nic Xandreou thought Katie was a gold digger out to trap his brotherinto marriage. Camilla, knew her sister better and was determined tochampion her cause even if it meant a visit to Xandreous strongholdon the island of Karthos. Camilla Dryden had always been the sensible one in her family, butshe had walked into the lions den, not realizing the risk she wasrunning. Nic Xandreou wasnt accustomed to hearing the word no. Especially from a woman.

He was a dangerously sexy man used to women who were sweet,docile and silent! Camilla was anything but. She seemed to enjoy theirwar of words as much as he. And, as Nic was eager to prove, there wasone place theyd be sure to agree--the bedroom! Now theyhad met again and she had no intention of making the same mistakes. But when Ross abducted her and took her to his island, Macys resolvebegan to crumble.

After all, she was still married to the man. And Rohan SaintYves Here, in the fragrant province of Perigord, lay the mystery of Sabinespast -- the scandal and secrecy of her mothers banishment, and of herfathers true identity. And in the vineyards of her ancestors, also lay afuture ripe for the taking with Rohan Saint Yves, a man Savinediscovers can love as fiercely as he hates But whenshe falls into the arms of Jerome Moncourt, she realizes she isnt theonly one to have secrets But she hadnt counted on being kidnapped by one ofBrazils richest rubber planters, Riago da Santana, and held hostage inhis jungle castle!

Of course, the kidnapping was a misunderstanding, and nobody couldhave predicted the torrential rains that flooded the river, strandingeverybody. But that hadnt stopped the black sheep of the Santanafamily from sweeping Charlie away. Hed taken her body anddevastated her mind and her senses. And then he demanded shebecome his bride! Philippa Roscoe needed a large sum of money and she needed it fast— her fathers life depended on it.

Wealthy French businessman Alain Alain wasonly too happy to provide Philippa with the funds she required.

Inexchange he demanded marriage and not just in name only. There waslittle Philippa could do: she had to agree to his terms. She hadnt agreedto fall under Alains charismatic spell. But could Philippa keep herselffrom falling in love or had this marriage of convenience become adesperate act. It was time for Joanna to stoprunning and face Callum Blackstone.

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If she had only herself toconsider But refusing to submit to Cals impossible demands meant financialdisaster for her father and brother. Fate had dealt Cal all the best cards,yet the price he wanted Joanna to pay seemed far too high. Could hepossibly have a motive other than revenge? Dare she dream? Off screen, his blendof magnetism was even more potent. Not that Maggie was interested. Shed had enough problems in her life recently, and the last thing shewanted was an uninvited guest to disturb the peace and quiet of hersolitary hideaway.

But she didnt have much choice, and despite herwary feelings of Jay, Maggie found herself drawn to him.

But there wasno way Maggie could know how their encounter would end And she had waited for the right time. As anacknowledged beauty arid successful model now, Carly could afford tobe generous. But she had no intention of forgiving and forgetting thepast. It was time for Saul Kingsland to learn a lesson. So she laid herplans carefully, put them into action — only then realizing that the pricemight well be too high for Carly herself to pay! Only afterward did she realize shed been alittle naive.

When noted pianist and composer Crispin Sinclair offered her freetuition at his Irish home, she had no idea how closely she resembledthe wife he hadnt got around to divorcing. And shed viewed Crispinonly as a musician, not a man. So it was as well the enigmatic Flynn Fillane was around to removeher from the consequences of her folly. Sandie hoped, though, it wouldnt prove to be out of the frying pan,into the fire!

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When she learned that Alexandros Constantis was buying Ambermere,her beloved ancestral home, Julie was filled with shame and anger. Notonly would he take away her home, he would strip away her dignity. What Price Would You Ask?