The Watchmaker

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The Watchmaker

As Robert Campbell described in The Watch-Maker puts his Name upon the Plate, and is esteemed the Maker, though he has not made in his shop the smallest Wheel belonging to it. It is supposed, however, that he can make all the Movements… He must be a Judge of the Goodness of Work at first Sight, and put his Name to nothing but what will stand the severest Trial; for the Price of the Watch depends upon the Reputation of the Maker only. This was the watchmaker-God who Paley proposed: an assembler, an overseer, a judge.

The watchmaker is not alone in his workshop, meticulously filing each gear and chain link and polishing each crystal; nor is the watchmaker God personally crafting the eyes of each animal, nor shaping their wings or eardrums. It is a managerial God, with important business to run and with a reputation for good products. The task of upholding that reputation included preventing fraud.

Counterfeit watches were a huge problem in 18th-century England.


They were typically cheaper, less accurate mechanisms that were made in Geneva, smuggled across France, and falsely marked with London names. The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, the guild of clock and watchmakers established in London in , led the fight against the invasion of these Swiss knockoffs. The English watchmaker was cloaked in patriotism, defending the homeland against the foreign corruption of inaccurate timekeeping. He was also the enabler of British naval strength and global domination.

In the 18th century, with European powers scrambling to establish dominion in the New World and explore new routes around the globe, one of the great challenges was navigation and the determination of longitude. Figuring out how far East or West one was was a great technical challenge, that could cause a ship to run aground, fall afoul of pirates, or simply get lost. Astronomical navigation using the stars that appeared to move as the earth rotated also proved problematic.

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In , the British government instituted a prize for the best solutions to the longitude problem. Many people contributed innovations through the next few decades, improving techniques in both timekeeping and celestial navigation. A half century after the prize was announced, the problem was considered solved by John Harrison, who built marine chronometers that could manage a sea voyage of several months without losing significant track of time.

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The Watchmaker: A philosophy of craft and life

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Death looks around the store, sighs and says, "Can't you see you're out of time? A Russian goes to a watchmaker. He says, "My clock is defective.

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It only goes 'tic He then shines a light in the clock's face and says menacingly, "We have ways to make it toc. A man walks into a watchmakers shop, walks up to the assistant and drops his trousers in front of her. She looks at him for a moment, sighs, and says "sir, we only service watches and clocks, please put THAT away.

I have this great joke about a watchmaker I wish I could tell it better but my timing is off. This joke may contain profanity. A runner, a watchmaker and a doctor are having a nice chat.