Why I Have Decided to Homeschool My Kids

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So he used the one scare tactic he thought his previously-obedient son would respond to: a picture of a dirty child performing hard labor. In August , we moved to Idaho, got the boy signed up for school, and started the process over again. Same concerns from his teacher, same tears over homework. I was homeschooling him by Halloween. I believe in ADHD.

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I know it's a real thing. I believe in medications -- almost too much, if you know what I mean. Though they should be. All I knew in that moment was that my kid didn't thrive in the classroom and we had the resources to give homeschooling a try. One year, we did this thing where the kids could spend Fridays studying whatever they wanted, so my son studied the Battle of Midway for a month.

We still incorporated the fine motor stuff that you see in elementary school -- coloring, cutting, and glue eating -- because I wasn't a total idiot and I knew these were skills a kid is supposed to learn. The only thing that changed in his education was the pacing and amount of attention he got. We connected with homeschool groups and had playdates and used actual guns to shoot people who questioned whether or not my kids were socialized.

The previous sentence was an untruth. They were play guns. I'm going to come back to the socialization question in a moment. The point is that our first round of homeschooling was liberating. There were hours of instruction followed by hours of no homework. We did school at the beach like a bunch of freaking hippies. I joined a local homeschooling group that administered standardized tests every year so I knew the kids were on track.

Some parents and teachers might read this part of our story and think I coddled my kid by removing him from a place where he was uncomfortable and created a personalized education utopia for him instead.

Yes, that's true! That's exactly what I did! You nailed it! No regrets!

Getting Started in Homeschooling: Deciding to Go for It

So why did we quit? When sixth grade came, I panicked. I never found a great secular science curriculum, and his science test scores were slipping.

HOMESCHOOL KIDS GO TO SCHOOL FOR THE FIRST TIME at Royale High Roblox Gaming w/ The Norris Nuts

My fourth-grader now ninth-grader was struggling, and I didn't know how to fix her. My second-grader begged to go to school like a regular human. So we shipped them out and I got a job. The end. You really should be asking me another question right now: "Kristi, that coal miner picture was harsh. Is psychological torture still a thing you guys do with your kids or what?

But it wasn't unreasonable for us at the time. Here's why:. You wouldn't know it by looking at the youthful stock image avatar I've chosen for all of my social media outlets, but I'm going to turn 40 this year. Which means I lived the first half of my life in the pre-Internet olden days and the second half after the digital revolution. Picture me straddling a horse, with typewriters and phones with curly cords on one side, and tablets and my way-overdue freaking-dollar Verizon bill on the other.

Or don't. That was a stupid visual. Here's how straddling two economic eras played out in my life: When I was in high school, my only "career" goal was to not be poor. I did OK on my SATs and took out a buttload of student loans to go to college, because every conceivable path to a middle-class lifestyle at that point involved a college degree. While there, I met my husband, we got married, he knocked me up, he dropped out of college to work full-time, and I graduated.

That's where our professional paths diverged. Show us the more-moneyed. Diapers aren't cheap. After getting that first job at age 20 sans degree, he got another. And another. And then another. There might have been some firings in there in the meantime, but the big picture is that at each job, he was developing very specific skill sets that made him marketable in his field. And his field, believe it or not, wasn't being a mechanic or welding or lumberjacking. He was building software for multi-million-dollar retailers. One of those companies eventually went bankrupt, but I'm 95 percent sure that had nothing to do with him not having a Bachelor's degree.

Because he dropped out of college to do this very specific thing he knew how to do, I was able to drop out of the workforce for five years to homeschool our children. As for my college degree, I like it. There was no way the year-old version of me could have predicted a world in which you could edit for a California-based company while living in Idaho, or that my future boss wouldn't care one lick about my degree in history. That would have been like Queen Victoria predicting that women would cut their hair and flaunt their calf muscles as soon as she kicked the bucket.

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No one saw it coming. Alexander Bassano "In my day, some hot ankle action was all you'd need.

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  4. Good job at figuring out something you're interested in, and of course you can go there, sweet darling! Sorry, I'm misremembering that moment. I said, "No, you're going to college! My point is that even though we were living proof that maybe, just maybe you could hit the workforce running without a college degree or the tens of thousands of dollars of debt associated with said degree, we couldn't internalize that information for own kids.

    And this is important, because K is set up explicitly to get kids to college. OK, that headline is misleading. Every teacher I've ever worked with has been encouraging, kind, well-intentioned, and thoughtful toward my children. But remember what I said above? That all three of my kids have been characterized as "distracted"?

    I've only got three of them.

    Homeschooling could be the smartest way to teach kids in the 21st century — here are 5 reasons why

    Picturing six periods of 22 clones of my kids would give me a heart attack. God bless you, teachers who have taught my children. What no one tells non-teachers is that there was a time when walking into your own classroom was like walking into a business where you were the CEO. The door is closed and you are "on. The other thing that no one tells non-teachers is that there is a massive creative reward that comes from running a classroom well.

    It's an art. There are walls to cover, there are systems to invent, there are routines to implement, there are centers to build from scratch. And when you're working with little ones, you're a rock star. They will hug you if they run into you at Walmart. They will clamor to be near you, even if you suck at your job.

    I only taught kindergarten for two years, so I didn't have enough time to get that good at it. But my students treated me like I was great. They didn't know better, the poor things. So when I say that teachers are miserable, I make that broad generalization because the system shifted against them, and you'd have to either be in the classroom or working with school-aged children to have noticed it.

    While Generation X was hitting the workforce and Millennials were getting bred, No Child Left Behind turned American schools into something our parents and grandparents wouldn't recognize. The explicit goal of high school has always been to lay a foundation for every child to be intellectually qualified to attend college.

    Stacey Solomons’ reasoning for homeschooling her boys

    That was the plan from day one. That's great. No problem there. NCLB tried something new: tying school funding to test scores. The logic was that if your school was doing an excellent job of preparing kids for college, the test scores would reflect as much and everyone wins -- as in literally wins money.

    Oh, and then each school needed to pull off another trick to get their money: They had to improve their scores every year. Even though NCLB is no longer a thing, the precedent and tone it set is still very much in place in schools across the country.